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timthumbI wanna be the perfect wife! True, all wives wanted to be crowned by their respective husbands as “perfect wife”.  But I would say, to get the fame of the tag  is easy.. but can you maintain the crown all life through?

If you are awaiting secrets or tips to be revealed to “perfecting yourself as a wife”, then forget it.  Unless you wanna take the pressure in your head eventually stressing you and instead of being the perfect one..you will end up the cursed one by your husband.

There are actually no exact tips, yet I can give you the 3 musts: INTERNALIZE; COMPROMISE; and COMMIT.

Simply huh! But it needs a lot of heart and willingness to perfect, not only your loving ways but your relationship with the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with.

First, INTERNALIZE.  Know yourself, study your strengths and weaknesses, and decide deep within what you really wanted to happen.  Sincerely understand how to do it and responsibly carry it out with a willing heart so no pressure is there.

Secondly, COMPROMISE.  Along acceptance of your “to-do-list”, things can come out of way as to how you have expected and that is natural coz it’s a human interaction, a normal phenomenon of social existence.  You should be ready to adjust and still make it as to how you wanted your goals achieved no matter how simple it maybe.

And lastly, COMMIT.  It’s the most important of all.  Commitment will be your cursor to getting your crown.  You will not find anything hard to achieve if you know in your heart that you are willing for this or that.  It’s a matter of choice that you already know.

In the long run you will just find the days passing by normally until such time that you get habituated into it.  No pressures, no complaints, relaxed and joyful days keep leaping on with you and your contented husband.

You may be waiting to hear it’ “being the perfect wife” but don’t be saddened if you don’t hear it coz in his heart, for sure you are the only one perfect for what he calls “my wife”.

Thought for this article: “When a husband utter the word “my wife” with a smile, it means you have satisfied him with pride and happiness.

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