47 Romantic Ways to Propose – Getting Engaged

  1. 50 Romantic Ways to Propose
  2. 50 Romantic Ways to Propose
  3. Best Public Marriage Proposal Ideas
  4. Best Foodie Marriage Proposal Ideas
  5. Most Playful Marriage Proposal Ideas
  6. Most Playful Marriage Proposal Ideas
  7. Best Summer Marriage Proposal Ideas
  8. Most Thoughtful Marriage Proposal Ideas
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  11. 47-romantic
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  13. Best At-Home Marriage Proposal Ideas
  14. Best Tech Marriage Proposal Ideas
  15. Foodie Marriage Proposal Ideas
  16. Playful Marriage Proposal Ideas
  17. Summer Marriage Proposal Ideas
  18. Thoughtful Marriage Proposal Ideas
  19. Cheesy Proposal Ideas
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Girls are normally conscious about telling the story, that how they were purposed by their men, to their friends and even strangers. They don’t forget such moments and discuss with others the rest of their lives. This article will give you around 50 unique ideas or 50 romantic ways to propose – getting engaged.

Best Public Marriage Proposal Ideas:

1: You may go for a full-paged ad particularly in the newspaper which you know is read by your girlfriend on daily basis.

2: An appropriate theme production can be arranged with the help of stageBest Public Marriage Proposal Ideas manager. It can give you an option of proposing after the curtain call of the cast. Somewhat dramatic proposal but still romantic.

3: A proposal show can be arranged by paying some divers at a local aquarium inside bigger fish tank. Provide handwritten “Will You Marry Me?” signs to these divers and ask them to hold these signs against the fish tank’s glass.

4: You may ask your girlfriend to go for a treasure hunt. A home clue can be the starting point but then ask her to go on your favorite spots’ tour across the town. As soon as she reaches to last hint of this treasure hunt, you should be there as her prize, on your one knee.

5: Going for a night dancing can be a great idea, where DJ or band leader can be asked to give you mic. Use this situation to propose her on dancing floor and can dedicate her a song for this occasion.

6: You may arrange a picnic with the help of a family member or close friend – – complete with cheese and of course wine. You may take her for a hike on a route where you think proposing her would be better option. It should be your “Proposal Picnic”.

Public-Marriage-Proposal-With-Crowd17: You may hire a skywriter to propose your girlfriend. It will admire her because the proposal will be seen by everyone around you.

8: If you plan to fly together. You may ask for the loud speaker of the plane to propose your girlfriend at around 40,000 feet.

9: If you girlfriend is a movie buffs? You may ask your nearest theater where your girlfriend used to go often, to run your proposal as their ads. You just make your presence in the theater at the right time.

10:  You may a arrange a home party by inviting your close friends and all family members. You may get some T-shirts printed one letter on each T-shirt of the whole proposal sentence i.e. “Will You Marry Me?” You may suggest a group picture at that moment and arrange your friends or family members wearing those T-shirts that contain letters. The picture will speak itself everything.

Best At-Home Marriage Proposal Ideas:

11: You may go to her jewelry box, after she goes to bed, and replace everyday use ring (just for a simple surprise) with your engagement ring. When she will be putting on regular ring, she will be in complete shock to see there an engagement ring.

12: Place a floating rubber ducky or some kind of beautiful candle, whileBest At-Home Marriage Proposal Ideas drawing a bath idea, in the middle having engagement ring around this thing’s neck. You may then make a rose-path that lead to tub and make your proposal this way.

13: Make a trail of candles by turning off every single light in your home or apartment. The candles should be positioned around a ring just like a circle of votives.

14: Another good idea is slipping your engagement ring on her finger at the moment she is sleeping. Then try to wake her up with strawberries and champagne. This will be simply a romantic gesture for her but the surprise will be when she will notice that engagement ring.

15: Consider two spots in your home or apartment and tie a red ribbon between these two spots. Attach multiple little notes on different positions of this red ribbon and in the last stop, you will be holding your engagement ring in your hand.

Best Tech Marriage Proposal Ideas:

16: You can go for your own podcast proposal which then can be sent to her iPod.

Best Tech Marriage Proposal Ideas17: You may use YouTube for proposal purposes by uploading your own-made proposal video on this social network and tell her to have a look at your marvelous home-made video.

18: Though this is not good but can be a good proposal idea. You may steal your girlfriend’s digital camera and immediately go to the place where you love to go together outdoor. Make some posters of words “Will”, “You”, “Marry”, “Me?” and bring a friend to capture your different pictures holding each word poster in each photo with different positions. Then you can tell her that her camera is with you and please upload your video in your account.

19: This is really interesting idea. You can use text messages to call your girlfriend to a secret spot. Lead her through continuous messages about next direction. In the last, it will be you on your knees with your engagement ring.

20: You may use the newer technique of proposing your girlfriend and can create a specific webpage for this purpose, just to show your intentions and love about her. Then the webpage can be texted or told to your loved one. If she accepted your proposal, you will see that she will feel proud in sending this page to her friends and family.

Best Foodie Marriage Proposal Ideas:

Foodie Marriage Proposal Ideas21: A selection of the dessert tray can be used to make a box with her ring at your favorite restaurant.

22: You may put together yummy delicacies to create a gift basket for your girlfriend – – including best caviar, chocolate, coffee – – and put your engagement in this gift basket in a way that it could not be seen easily.

23: Get “Will you marry me?” written from a pastry chef in chocolate sauce around her dessert plate’s rim.

24: You may especially get created your proposal cake from your favorite baker written “Will you marry me?” in frosting. You may ask your baker to display that cake in the store front and take your girlfriend to a kind of window shopping to that baker.

25: You may also create a specially designed fortune cookie for your girlfriend that carries your proposal message.

Most Playful Marriage Proposal Ideas:

26: You can create a crossword puzzle to solve by your girlfriend and suggest her solving over breakfast.

Playful Marriage Proposal Ideas27: You can use glow-in-the-dark type stickers to spell your marriage proposal and paste them on your ceiling. Turn the lights off while getting into bed to let them work.

28: You can use refrigerator magnets for your marriage proposal. Spell them in your personalized message.

29: You can use the frost on her vehicle’s windshield to scratch your marriage proposal.

30: You may write your marriage proposal on the blackboard (before she entersinto classroom) only if your girlfriend is a school teacher. Then outside the class in a hidden position to see her reaction.
31: You may have a ring size chart close to your girlfriend and suggest her to find her size in the chart. When she asks that you are going to purchase her a surprise ring, give her your predesigned marriage proposal ring and tell that you have already purchased one.

32: You may challenge your girlfriend into a pumpkin-carving contest on the annual Halloween day and can carve your proposal words “Marry Me” in your especially prepared pumpkin.
33: You may use a kite and write “Will You Marry Me?” wording on the underside that can be seen by your girlfriend and wait for her reaction.
34: You may have the word phrase “Marry Me” while playing Hangman game with your girlfriend.

Best Summer Marriage Proposal Ideas:Summer Marriage Proposal Ideas


35: If beach is included in your favorite spots with your girlfriend, head down to your favorite spot shortly before your girlfriend and write your proposal down on the beautiful beach sand. You may use white rocks to write your proposal.

Most Thoughtful Marriage Proposal Ideas:

Thoughtful Marriage Proposal Ideas36: If you like to make different things or are artistically inclined with you own hands, integrate any special piece you’ve made previously into your intention of proposal. For example, if you are a good woodworker, you can make your marriage proposal by placing your engagement ring into your own made jewelry box.

37: You can opt an option of buying her favorite pet like puppy, kitten or bunny etc. and tie your engagement ring on the neck of that pet. You can also use a stuff animal for this purpose.

38: You can go for making a time capsule idea together with your girlfriend by telling her that you have intentions to bury and dig up currently running years into future. You can ask her during collecting the things to make time capsule that it wouldn’t be completed if there wouldn’t be your engagement picture with her. Present her your engagement ring and capture the moment through a readily available Polaroid camera.

39: You may go for a ride with your girlfriend by renting a Vespa scooter, but remind her to wear a helmet to keep her safe during ride. Put your engagement ring into the box where helmet is stored, and then go for a town trip with new memories.

40: Meet with your girlfriend at a post hotel bar in the town for a drink. Casually mention her while leaving the bar that a room has been reserved by you to spend a night together. You should setup champagne, candles and roses everywhere in the hotel room to give her a pleasant surprise of marriage proposal.

Cheesy Proposal Ideas:

41: Think twice and make a list of minimum 10 reasons that why you areCheesy Proposal Ideas desperate to marry your girlfriend. Read this list in gathering, send it through courier, or use individual note cards for every reason and send her. Last card should contain your proposal message.

42: Another good idea to surprise your girlfriend with your marriage proposal could be cutting of a huge box, wrapping beautiful ribbon and papers in that box, and stick a handwritten note on that box that should say your proposal concerns. You should deliver this package yourself at her doorstep.

43: You may use a Cracker Jack box to give her a surprise engagement ring.

44: You may write your proposal in sunscreen. That would be a great idea as well.

45: Think of her favorite romantic movie, make her feel like the movie star and make a marriage proposal in the same manner as it was seen in the movie.

46: You may rent a limo to make your surprise marriage proposal by climbing on the moonroof of the limo, holding flowers and wedding ring in your hand as soon as you arrive at the home of your girlfriend.

47: Making a proposal in the same style as it was seen in “Say Anything” movie, would be another great idea. You can park yourself outside the place of your girlfriend holding a stereo that should play her favorite tune. Then propose her on her arrival.



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