The fast and professional life of the modern world seems to have pruned away the subtle and delicate sentiments of love, but that is not true! It has only been buried deep, ready to surface any moment.

LoveExist attempts to bring awareness towards the essentiality of love in our lives and be able to bridge gaps and polish flaws in relationships leading to positive results through open discussions, free expressions, and realistic advices towards responsible and intuitive understanding to what we really wanted love to be.

In discovering the secrets of love, one needs to hang in there and get used to it! For tomorrow depends on us either we wanted separate destinations, or a life geared to just one direction and hand in hand with the one we truly love.

With loveExist.com, all people in love will be interwoven to be bold and brave to unleash a life constructed in love, making it meaningful and worth-living. Our mission is to create a fraternity of people who can spare a few moments of their precious time for spreading the virus of what we call “LOVE”.

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