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  • On first date

    First date? Success!

    So you’ve got her “YES” for a date? Whether you truly have high fondness to the girl you are dating or not is not actually the very concern of ours—-coz what truly matters is: to have a good impression of FIRST DATE..  with emphasis on her part! Know your girl.  Having a background check of […]

  • what-men-want

    What MEN Wants

    Every man wants something from a woman.  But they cannot verse it out.  As the old adage says: “Behind a man’s success is a woman.”  But oftentimes, men find it unnatural and a minus point for their manhood to accept this fact. Anyhow, leave it! Be with me as I dive in to their secret […]

  • timthumb

    “Perfect Wife wanna-be”

    I wanna be the perfect wife! True, all wives wanted to be crowned by their respective husbands as “perfect wife”.  But I would say, to get the fame of the tag  is easy.. but can you maintain the crown all life through? If you are awaiting secrets or tips to be revealed to “perfecting yourself […]