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    Top 10 Reasons Why Couples Breakup?

    Everyone on this Earth would agree that that the marriage institution actually started in our world at the time our world created itself. Both men and women have different mental and biological makeup. However, we can’t keep continue our creation unless both women and men do not try to stay together. The emotional as well […]

  • Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

    Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries will be Single Next Year

    Kim Kardashian, who wedded Kris Humphries last year, has been going through the divorce phase with this tall NBA star these days. Both these super stars have been fighting against each other in the court in a divorce case. The Wednesday hearing of this divorce case resulted in the fact that probably both would become […]

  • Teens Are Advised About How to Break Up in Boston

    Teens Are Advised About How to Break Up in Boston

    It actually happened twice throughout in my school life, which I spent in Boston-area high school that I saw some weird moments after break up. Both of such incidents happened last year, said by Andrew Curtin. He detailed that a boy ended up with a broken hand that was brought to the nurse’s office of […]

  • Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Ready to Breakup

    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Ready to Breakup?

    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Ready to BreakupPEOPLE magazine recently updated the relationship status (love relationship rather) of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is probably reaching to a full stop. The magazine claimed (in reference to an insider) that the 19-year-old stunning teen beauty Selena Gomez was sighted crying about her love partner, dream boy Justin Bieber last week. She was noted disturbed during birthday bash of Ashley Tisdale, sources said.

    But Selena Gomez perfectly managed her feelings while coming in front of the people (photographers, reporter), with cute smile and upbeat spirits.

  • katie-holmes-tom-cruise

    Katie Holmes Seeks Divorce from Tom Cruise

    katie-holmes-tom-cruiseKatie Holmes is the third wife of Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise. Though the first two divorce cases were filed by this very famous acting talent of the industry, but this time it is his wife who leads in filing the divorce case. You may say that the shoe is on the other foot this time. The first divorce case of Cruise was handled by the notable powerhouse divorce attorney in the Los Angeles area, Dennis Wasser who successfully handled his divorce with Nicole Kidman.

    Now this third divorce case is also being handled by Wasser against Katie Holmes who filed the same case on Friday.
    This divorce case is being described as the bombshell of the year in entertainment industry by many tabloids.

  • Katy Perry

    Katy Perry to Feature Her Breakup in “Part of Me 3D” Concert Movie

    Katy PerryThe most recent breakup news of Katy Perry, who is ranked high among top 10 female singers with Russell Brand really not only hurt the fans of gorgeous American singer but also her as well. Though initially she tried her best not to uncover her divorce from Russell Brand with her fans, but now she has decided to make it the part of an upcoming movie. She held this news until an offer to promote a movie was made to Katy Perry, sources said.

  • Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’s break

    Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’s break, the cause behind

    Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’s breakKris Humphries, the ex-hubby of the world famous reality star Kim Kardashian, started showing off her true colors after the break up with the sexy babe, his former wife Kim.

    It was reported that Kris, out of work NBA player disliked his wife for her popularity and fortune. Now another clip from the show, ‘Kourtney and Kim Take New York’ revealed that Kris pinpointed the voluptuous babe for her weight.

    After the trip of honeymoon, both were packing to go to NYC when picking an outfit, he said,

  • Holly-Marie-Combs-holly-marie-combs-20861425-1024-768

    Holly Marie Combs and David Donoho break up

    Holly-Marie-Combs-holly-marie-combs-20861425-1024-768As per the reports from the tinsel town, Holly Marie Combs has filed for divorce from the husband, David Donoho.

    The ravishing and supremely classically gorgeous actress who is the focus of the media and is put into the limelight always, Holly is all the time high.

    Her beauty and sex appeal hit the hearts, which is why she has endless amount of fan-base. Both Holy Marie and David Donoho were married in 2004.

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    Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner, engagement called off

    1321884357_jack-wagoner-heather-locklear-467Reportedly Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner, who were engaged, have now called off the engagement. More than ten years back, their characters on the show, ‘Melrose Place’ had tied the knot on the television but the actual marriage between the two never happened.

    Locklear’s rep issued the statement, saying,

    “Jack and Heather are no longer engaged.”

    The engagement between the two had take place in August this year after Locklear’s Ava daughter put a stamp on it.

    Heather Locklear said in an interview,