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    Is Kate Upton Dating Mark Sanchez?

    Mark Sanchez, a well-popular sports star, probably wants to try his luck in the love ground as well. This outstanding player in the Super Bowl recently managed to get his name listed on Page Six, a page specific to the news related to gossip section. Page Six is managed by New York Post. It recently linked Sanchez to beautiful 19-year-old swimsuit model in its Wednesday post.

    Reports about Sanchez and Sports Illustrated model are claiming that the magic of 19-year-old Kate Upton’s beauty has probably made this Super Bowl star beyond her fan. The gossip section further said about this quarterback of New York Jets that frequent late-night visits have been noted by Sanchez to the apartment belongs to swimsuit young model. The Page Six also reported that Sanchez was also seen carrying bags in her lobby shortly after Kate arrives there.

  • Kate Winslet

    Kate Winslet’s ex dating Rebecca Hall, both come out in public

    Kate WinsletSam Mendes, the former husband of the sex bomb actress Kate Winslet has now openly come out in public with his girlfriend, Rebecca Hall. The rumors were going on about their relationship since last year but they were avoiding mentioning them bullshit.

    Sam, 46, and his new lady love, the sexy siren Rebecca Hall, 29, eventually came out in public showing them off as a couple.

  • Olivia Wilde

    Olivia Wilde and ex-hubby Tao Ruspoli reunite

    Olivia WildeThey are super friendly exes….yes, they are! Why? Reason, the reunion happened between the two – Olivia Wilde and Tao Ruspoli after the finalizing of the divorce in October.

    The reports and the sources say that Olivia Wilde and her ex-husband Italian prince Tao Ruspoli finalized their divorce in this October but on Friday, the scene was mesmerizing when the two were seen together taking a leisurely walk in New York City.

  • Robert Downey

    Robert Downey Jr. and pregnant wife date in Hawaii

    Robert DowneyRobert Downey Jr. is married with Susan Levin and even they are married but still the love does not seem to be away from their life. They still date. Susan is pregnant from Robert these days and both went out for vacation on a romantic date in Hawaii.

    Robert and six month pregnant Susan went on the island of Kauai. The reports say that the kid will be born in February.

    Both bumped into each other on the set of Gothika in 2003 and the couple then dated and married two years later.

    Robert already has 18 years old son from first better half Deborah Falconer.

  • photo_of_zoe_saldana_and_boyfriend_keith_britton

    Zoe Saldana and Keith Britton split and engagement goes off

    photo_of_zoe_saldana_and_boyfriend_keith_brittonIt has been learnt and rather it has become official now that the heart-hitting beauty Zoe Saldana has split from the boyfriend turned fiancé Keith Britton.

    Zoe’s rep has confirmed the break between the Avatar actress Zoe and her fiancé Keith. The rep also made it a point that the split happened very amicably. And both vowed to be friends in future.

  • vanessa-hudgens-austin-butler-back-from-vegas

    Vanessa Hudgens dating Austin Butler

    vanessa-hudgens-austin-butler-back-from-vegasVanessa Hudgens is gorgeous and sexiest. Well, she has star power which is why she is the central focus of the media and paparazzi would love to capture her wherever she goes. This time around, she was spotted along with her new beau.

    She was captured with her beau Austin Butler leaving her residence in Toluca Lake in California.

  • elisabetta_canalis_e_mehcad_brooks

    Elisabetta Canalis and Mechad Brooks get romantic in public

    elisabetta_canalis_e_mehcad_brooksBoth Elisabetta Canalis and her new love Mechad Brooks came out and did the romance in open. Well, the romantic saga happened at the launch bash for the Beauty Book for Brain Cancer in Hollywood on Monday where the couple came in.
    Elisabetta, the famed Italian model cum television personality and DWTS alum, 33, and her boyfriend True Blood macho man got supremely romantic at the occasion and cuddled with passion. They later posed for the photographers.

  • 1321309463_olivia-munn-brad-richards-240

    Olivia Munn dating Brad Richards

    1321309463_olivia-munn-brad-richards-240Olivia Munn, the biggest sexy siren and the gorgeous beauty, has reportedly been dating the New York Rangers player Brad Richards. Both were spotted at various locations and spots, as per the sources.

    The question now hits the mind if Brad has zeroed in his Miss Right…his princess in Olivia Munn? The answer is not lemon … rather absolutely correct…yes.

    It was learnt that the 31 years old star just begun dating romantically with the I Don’t Know How She Does It actress.

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    Amanda Knox starts dating a new guy

    xxx-se-43208-amanda-knox-077-4_3_rx383_c540x380Amanda Knox has started dating a new man these days. It has been learnt that after getting released from the prison in Italy around six weeks later, Amanda has returned to hometown ‘Seattle’, but this time around, she is with her new beau.

    Knox, 24, had been caught when she got accused of killing her roommate Meredith Kercher in 2007. She walked arm in arm with James Terrano, her new man on Sunday.