• dating after divorce

    Dating After Divorce

    Like most people who have recently come out of a marriage or long term relationship, you will be wary about trying again. The truth is that you will have many hurdles to overcome and that it isn’t going to be an easy road. However dating again after a divorce is a necessary and worthwhile thing […]

  • dont let problems to destory your mariage because love exist

    Don’t Let an Insignificant Problem Destroy Your Marriage

    People often ask me what is the most common cause of conflict in a marriage. If I asked you the same question, you would probably guess money and you would be right, but only partially. My response is always that couples most frequently fight about tiny, insignificant problems. But how is that possible? America has […]

  • France

    Top 5 Wedding Locations In The World

    Planning a wedding can be very difficult at times especially trying to figure out a location. Although most couples opt to stay at home to have their dream weddings, more couples are deciding to have a destination wedding. Destination weddings can be fun and depending on where you have your wedding, it can be a […]

  • best island for honeymoon

    Top Romantic Island Destinations for Honeymoon.

      Bali Island Indonesia Head to ‘Bali’ for an oriental high and you’d want to spend your lifetime here! Set amidst the Pacific Ocean, the island of Bali in Indonesia is not just an island, but paradise gained if you plan to spend a few days here. For it’s not just the beach and the […]

  • men on first date

    What Men Should NOT Wear On A First Date

    A lot of men are not interested in clothes to the same degree that women might be, and so a few tips are in order as to what you shouldn’t wear on a first date. The fact is that women do take notice of what their date is wearing, and this is especially true for a first date.

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    6 Tips of Co-Parenting After a Divorce

    Co-parenting can be tough, especially if you’re feeling resentful about your divorce and having less time with your kids. It’s essential to put aside your differences and work together as much as you can to raise healthy, well-adjusted kids who know that both parents love them. Here are some tips to help you co-parent effectively […]

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    How To Make Your Ex Love You

    If you want to learn how to make your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend to miss you, then read this article. While I can’t promise you’ll be able to get him or her back, if you employ the tips outlined in this article, you’ll increase your chances dramatically! Here’s the first tip — don’t contact […]

  • On first date

    First date? Success!

    So you’ve got her “YES” for a date? Whether you truly have high fondness to the girl you are dating or not is not actually the very concern of ours—-coz what truly matters is: to have a good impression of FIRST DATE..  with emphasis on her part! Know your girl.  Having a background check of […]

  • Women-Are-Most-Prolific-Daters-in-UK1

    Women Are Most Prolific Daters in UK

    Women-Are-Most-Prolific-Daters-in-UK1It has become the matter of past when boys were keen to find a suitable girl to become their date or a true love partner, because women are going to cross men in this field as well. Love finding is not limited to boys as a recent research proved in England. The research result proved that women are most prolific daters in United Kingdom. They are the keenest then men in their quest for love today.

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    Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

    The long distance love relationship may be best described using the words “challenging and difficult”, though many of you won’t like hearing or reading this definition but it is the fact. However, you must understand one thing that the words difficult and challenging are not impossible. There are many who want to have at least […]