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  • best island for honeymoon

    Top Romantic Island Destinations for Honeymoon.

      Bali Island Indonesia Head to ‘Bali’ for an oriental high and you’d want to spend your lifetime here! Set amidst the Pacific Ocean, the island of Bali in Indonesia is not just an island, but paradise gained if you plan to spend a few days here. For it’s not just the beach and the […]

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    6 Tips of Co-Parenting After a Divorce

    Co-parenting can be tough, especially if you’re feeling resentful about your divorce and having less time with your kids. It’s essential to put aside your differences and work together as much as you can to raise healthy, well-adjusted kids who know that both parents love them. Here are some tips to help you co-parent effectively […]

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    How To Make Your Ex Love You

    If you want to learn how to make your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend to miss you, then read this article. While I can’t promise you’ll be able to get him or her back, if you employ the tips outlined in this article, you’ll increase your chances dramatically! Here’s the first tip — don’t contact […]

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    Women Are Most Prolific Daters in UK

    Women-Are-Most-Prolific-Daters-in-UK1It has become the matter of past when boys were keen to find a suitable girl to become their date or a true love partner, because women are going to cross men in this field as well. Love finding is not limited to boys as a recent research proved in England. The research result proved that women are most prolific daters in United Kingdom. They are the keenest then men in their quest for love today.

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    Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

    The long distance love relationship may be best described using the words “challenging and difficult”, though many of you won’t like hearing or reading this definition but it is the fact. However, you must understand one thing that the words difficult and challenging are not impossible. There are many who want to have at least […]

  • how to do proper breakup

    Top 5 Ways for People to Break Up

    Well, it could be very easy for many to break up with their partners as there are many ways to tell your partner that you don’t need him / her any more to continue existing relationship. But it is very tricky to use all such ways in practical life because you will not be able […]

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    Dealing with a Flirtatious Flirting Partner

    Flirting has become very common at the moment being a healthy, social and fun human behavior. Actually people tend to introduce their existence to people around them using this behavior. They want to express their self-confidence in this way and want other people to know that they are attractive to others. Flirting is generally described […]

  • Avoid Sex

    Making Up after Break Up

    One can say that making up after break up or a serious fight is absolutely a matchless (wonderful) feeling for the couple. Both male and female partner apologize each other, hug and kiss their partner and get involved into a new romantic relationship once again. Well, you must consider below-mentioned tips whenever you do make […]

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    Strengthen your sexual life with partner using absurd places

    Strengthen your sexual life with partner using absurd placesIt’s obvious that one gets bored after repeating one thing umpteen times and the same happens with the sexual intercourse when you use the same place over and over again. This lets you think over other options to slip into sexual business. Well, if you have tried the bedroom, bathroom, bathtub and even the couch space – then go for the extra mile to enjoy the sexual ride.

    Below are some of the absurd places to enjoy sex at – but it’s certain they will add soothing pleasures to make your sexual encounters lip-smacking and enjoyable.

  • Excuses used in avoiding sexual acts

    Excuses used in avoiding sexual acts

    Excuses used in avoiding sexual actsSexual acts are what entice the people the most. Everyone in particular the men seem to be geared up to slip into the sexual business whenever find any opportunity. But there are certain times when you want to avoid sex with your partner.

    The common excuse to avoid sex is ‘I am too tired’. It is widely in use by the married couple and the partners. Whenever they want to stay away from sex, it is a simple formula to shun the sex.

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    “Perfect Wife wanna-be”

    I wanna be the perfect wife! True, all wives wanted to be crowned by their respective husbands as “perfect wife”.  But I would say, to get the fame of the tag  is easy.. but can you maintain the crown all life through? If you are awaiting secrets or tips to be revealed to “perfecting yourself […]