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    Tori Spelling writes love letter to hubby

    Tori-SpellingTori Spelling is ravishing and calls her hubby ‘her soul mate’. Wow! That’s great and that shows her sweet and utter love for the man she has along.

    Her birthday gift to her husband is a love letter.

    On her blog on Wednesday, Tori posted a love letter for the hubby with the title ‘A Love Letter to My Soul Mate’.

    She mentions,

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    Kiss in a manner, your lover cannot forget in life

    imagesBy the time you first begin with dating someone, kiss plays the major part in making or breaking the relationship. Below mentioned are the tips let you know the techniques to gather the confidence level while you plant your lips.

    Both women and men have been doing harder to improve the kissing better and better since the outset. But the question arises in mind whether a smooch can really be a big deal. Well, ‘yes’, the new research shows that kissing can really make or break a relationship.

    Art of Kissing

    It has been learnt that more than sixty six percent of the women have broken up their relationship because of the first kiss the men did on the first date. Often you plant a kiss to someone you consider idea and all of a sudden you start feeling different. Where the women get dragged off their feet due to the art of kissing, they get attracted to the men wearing a good scent.

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    Things girls should never say to their beloveds

    article-2013410514244051880000It is a fact that a man’s ego is always intact whether they admit it or say they don’t have! The fact of the matter is that every man has ego that instantly comes up whenever anything against his mind happens, which is unbearable for him in particular.

    Girls, be cautious in uttering the below mentioned things to your man who you love the most.

    I am restless in seeing what you’re doing for my birthday this time.

    Hey…are you crying?

    If we leave the place right now, we would be having time to visit the shop for buying.

    I’m gonna put our whole conversation on the blog.

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    Secrets of a happy married life

    images (1)Being happily married is not an easy task, as it appears apparently. Many couples we witness daily who apparently look super cool and understanding but in actual, the bigger differences and the brawls exist behind their happy and smiling faces. Thus, judging someone from the face or apparent situation cannot give you the in depth idea of what is going behind or how a couple enjoys married life?

    Below are enlisted the top secrets of super happy couples.

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    Blushing – a sign of love and trust

    girl-reading-texts-and-smilingThere are a number of studies conducted and being conducted which say that blushing is a sign of great pure love that one has for the other.

    There are certain terms like ‘blushing bride’. This term aptly works big time because unconsciously you get right when you think that a blushing wife is faithful, loving and caring. The latest researches show that the people who blush easily prove to be more kind, reliable and righteous than the ones who don’t.

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    How to Make Perfect Marriage Proposal?

    proposalProposals are made and the marriages happen but the ones, which have something special attached to them or the ones which are conferred uniquely, are always remembered and cherished accordingly.

    What One Should Know

    The engagements need not to be precious but creative

    If you are confused over what type of ring is to conferred her, then go for the placeholder ring.

    The engagement has to show you as a couple and the your distinctive relationship

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    What MEN Wants

    Every man wants something from a woman.  But they cannot verse it out.  As the old adage says: “Behind a man’s success is a woman.”  But oftentimes, men find it unnatural and a minus point for their manhood to accept this fact. Anyhow, leave it! Be with me as I dive in to their secret […]

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    Love? Does it exist?

    love_hd-normal‘Does love exist?’ is an undying question that echoes in the mind of those who have already lost hopes in finding or acquiring the kind of love they want in life. They are the people to whom life seemed meaningless. They do not want to see the sparks life has to offer – they are the ones who have gotten their lives dry. Love, romance and the pleasures are out of their thoughts. Getting romance out of life is never their cup of tea.

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    “Perfect Wife wanna-be”

    I wanna be the perfect wife! True, all wives wanted to be crowned by their respective husbands as “perfect wife”.  But I would say, to get the fame of the tag  is easy.. but can you maintain the crown all life through? If you are awaiting secrets or tips to be revealed to “perfecting yourself […]

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    Understanding True Love

    understanding true love

    Many are of the views, apart from philosophical authentications; true love does not exist in the world. This notion is perceived largely by people due to the rapid pace in life, materialism and cheating in relationships. But keeping this all aside, the fact of the matter is that true love exists. The one who thinks negative about finding true love and claiming or raising the question ‘does true love exist?’, had to better see life romantically and beautifully still.

    In fact, people, who are romantic by nature (the ones who extract romance from everything), enjoy the existence of true love.

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    Ice her!

    Misunderstandings are part of any relationship.  It adds to the spice and lit up a fonder romance. So don’t get into the heat, rather, Ice her down with these few workable tips! When she starts walking away from you annoyed and angry, follow her.. If she stops you, just look into her eyes quietly.. If […]