Do We Have a New Love Couple – Taylor Swift and Patrick Schwarzenegger?

  1. Taylor-Swift-and-Patrick-Schwarzenegger
  2. Taylor-Swift-and-Patrick-Schwarzenegger
  3. Taylor-Swift-and-Patrick-Schwarzenegger
  4. Taylor Swift and Patrick Schwarzenegger

Taylor Swift and Patrick SchwarzeneggerTMS’s relatively faster paparazzi team probably sparks another sign of a new love story. We can see Taylor Swift and Patrick Schwarzenegger together in different available photos online, that may be converted into two different answers to a question, “Do we have a new love couple – Taylor Swift and Patrick Schwarzenegger?” First answer could be that both are celebrities and they can laugh and stay together for an hour or so in any party. No problem at all.

But the second answer could be that ‘YES”. There could be another love story in the Hollywood industry. Both of this American to-be-love-couple (well-popular all over the world in young communities) spent together a considerable time on July 4. The 22-year old Taylor Swift was seen getting closer and much friendlier with her relatively younger colleague 18-year-old Patrick Schwarzenegger on this occasion.

Patrick is the part of a renowned American political and showbiz family i.e. Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger. They didn’t stop here but went for a private stroll on the beach shortly after this celebration in Massachusetts, where Patrick had a plan to spend his holiday already. The “Love Story” singer had also attended a documentary’s premier in January this year which was made on the life of Ethel Kennedy.

The political family had sent a special invitation to this “Both Us” singer in intention to celebrate the Fourth of July (American national holiday) in which along with several other family friends also participated. Dianna Agron (notable Glee star) was also in this party.

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