Eva Longoria is Dating New York Jets Star Mark Sanchez

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Eva LongoriaEva Longoria feels no shy or hesitation to confirm the answer of a question asked recently that she is involved in a dating (love I must say) relationship with Mark Sanchez, a 25-year-old super star of the New York Jet. Though Longoria is 37 at the moment and Sanchez is only 25 but you know love is blind and this age difference doesn’t matter at all to make a love relationship (if it is truly a love, mind you).

Eva Longoria was speaking to television show Extra on Thursday when she confirmed she is involved in dating with American football player. She said that this top-rated quarterback of the New York Jets is being seen romantically by this Latino actress. Longoria is widely recognized worldwide as the notable “Desperate Housewives” actress. She was talking to her good friend and host of the show Mario Lopez on Thursday when she confirmed her new status.

She initially said we are doing just fine and then admitted that we are just dating and nothing else. Eva recently split from the brother of Penelope Cruz, Eduardo Cruz in June 2012. Her previous marriage relationship was with Tony Parker which ended last year in January after she caught him cheating on her.

The previous love/romantic relationship of 25-year-old Jets star was linked to actress Hayden Panettiere and before than he was linked to Jamie-Lynn Sigler. But now he is the man of Eva Longoria. The most recent rumors about Mark Sanchez also linked him to Kate Upton, the notable Victoria’s Secret model.

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