Excuses used in avoiding sexual acts

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Excuses used in avoiding sexual actsSexual acts are what entice the people the most. Everyone in particular the men seem to be geared up to slip into the sexual business whenever find any opportunity. But there are certain times when you want to avoid sex with your partner.

The common excuse to avoid sex is ‘I am too tired’. It is widely in use by the married couple and the partners. Whenever they want to stay away from sex, it is a simple formula to shun the sex.

Other common excuses include ‘I don’t have time’ and ‘I’ve got headache’.

The common excuses to not to have sex with their men in bed by the women is ‘I am not loving my thighs’ and ‘my entire body is paining high’.

These are the most in use excuses to avoid getting physically intimate with your partners.

It is also witnessed that many a time the partners want to have sexual business but they cannot gear themselves up for the act, thus they use ‘I’m not in the mood right now, honey’.

Sexual encounters are avoided but this avoiding often leads to break ups and gap between the couples and partners.

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