First date? Success!

  1. First date? Success?
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So you’ve got her “YES” for a date? Whether you truly have high fondness to the girl you are dating or not is not actually the very concern of ours—-coz what truly matters is: to have a good impression of FIRST DATE..  with emphasis on her part!

Know your girl.  Having a background check of her likes and dislikes, her family affiliation, hobbies, and interests first-dateis a good point to start on. You wouldn’t want to bring your girl to a poolside dine-in if her brother passed out years ago due to drowning I guess.

Know your GOAL.  I don’t want to appear malicious or leading but knowing exactly what you want from the girl is your strategy base.  You wouldn’t bring a girl in a reunion with friends if you want to know her better.  I suggest a cozy and quiet dine-in is better where music or people talks are not too loud to give you the space to listen and talk to her.  If you want intimacy and you got the obvious possibility on her part—then a bar start drink might be more sufficient.

Date and Time are also important.  Some believes with numerology, sunset and sunrise, etc.  If you find possible asking her of her preference and was lucky enough to get her feedback—then probably it’s bagged.  HOWEVER, CAUTION: You may end up too submissive and dominated by your girl- soon in the long run.  Still, it’s better to keep a date well-planned in the credit of yours.

Place is a good start.  Convenience of a dating Place is an initial edge.  A girl also gauges a guy from the taste.  In this way, it can prepare your date to choose an appropriate dress for the event.  It is her right to know where you are taking her, at least.  It doesn’t need to divulge the entire set-up and venue but if it’s a fine dine-in, or a mini-food bar, or a coffee shop, or a beach front…it is vital for her to know.  Being on high-heeled and backless gown is definitely odd in a mini food bars at the street walks, ewwww!

In Ordering and Choosing Food, it is gently nice to ask her first to check the menu before placing your order.  If she suggests you do the ordering, then have the pleasure to choose and finally asking her—are those foods okay with you? To be very safe—- avoid shrimps and the likes that easily puts allergy to start most especially if you find her the fragile one.

Getting into a Conversation is not based much on topic.  I trust that the confidence of bringing the topic into conversation is highly much appreciable.  Just don’t appear too arrogantly blank at least.  Never go to histories—- honestly?  It’ boring.  At least start on something more general —then slowly go personal…that way, there’s no gauging of right or wrong.  It will just be a sharing conversation and it will make her feel delighted that you want to know her better—and her family somehow.  Upps, remember her sharing at least.  If it goes a continuous relationship— it might be your trap someday answering her.

Sensitivity.  I always stress sensitivity in men.  It’s the strongest win to a woman’s heart.  You need to know when she is bored or not.  When she wanted more time with you or go home and tell her sisters—it was disgusting! Kidding aside, you need to gauge her and lead her to what you think she wanted the date to end.  That’s how the next point is needed…

Next plan.  From start, never plan for only one venue coz if you appeared to be a hit, the girl will want to be with you more unless you want to play hard-to-get, uhh! If so, then the right ending might as well be, “Will be glad to be with you again if it pleases you”.

Offer a ride home.  If she allows, drive her home.  If she allowed you, then you are on the first base.  If she lets youOn first date meet her family, then you are near to second base.  If she asks you to stay awhile for some desserts, then you are near to being her boyfriend.  But if she refused for a ride:  don’t be disappointed, maybe she is still just not ready yet for the too fast turning of your pages.

Give her a call, whether you drove her home or not.  Assess the time she is home and give her a call if she arrived safe and sound.  That’s the best end for a date.  Whether you see each other again or not— your voice was the last she will remember when she reminisces it.

So that’s goes your date: most important points to remember— always be in control of the first date and take full 100% responsibility on expenses, planning, etc.  A first has to last at your good image.  Sensitivity is a must. And lastly, flexibility to adjust to out-of-the-plans scenario ..or next-plans to talk about if lucky enough.

Enjoy your date dude!

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