Jeremy Piven Spotted Today with a Pretty Blond Girl in Ibiza

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Jeremy-Piven-201301-1-402Are we going to have another love story? The most famous character of the play “Entourage” i.e. Jeremy Piven has been spotted today in Ibiza with a mystery blonde. This blonde is being described as a gorgeous, stunning beauty that was very close to Piven. Both were in a very happy mood and were enjoying a romantic time while soaking up the sun together on the streets of Ibiza, sources said.

This 47-year-old Entourage star was in Ibiza, a notable party spot in Spain, on Wednesday where paparazzi captured him wandering with a pretty blonde girl. Though the girl was very close to Piven but you can see him busy in checking out the nightlife of Ibiza and didn’t her beauty notice much. But this is also a fact that the pair enjoyed a beautiful meal the same day.

The due took a stroll, shortly after taking their meal, and the next scene showed this mystery blonde girl in an affectionate manner with Jeremy Piven. Another pictured showed Piven scanning the beautiful body of this mystery blonde and didn’t take his eyes off of this gorgeous date, probably mainly because she was in a skimpy outfit for this date.

Is it another Hollywood affair? Or another love story in the entertainment circle? Well, this mystery blonde (or you may say new girl/love partner of Jeremy Piven) was in warm weather dress, including a white tank top and denim hot-pants. Jeremy was in casual dress (grey shorts and white T-shirt) with a straw sunhat.

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