Jesse Williams Marries Aryn Drake-Lee on Saturday

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jesse-williams-and-aryn-drake-lee-e1346725327179Jesse Williams, who earned nationwide fame, for performing Jackson Avery character (a very famous brash surgeon character) he played in a super hit drama series of ABC, is currently making headlines for marrying on Saturday. His life partner is none other than his long-time girlfriend. Both tied the knot in Los Angeles on Saturday, reported by PEOPLE magazine. The name of Williams’ wife is Aryn Drake-Lee who is also known as a notable real estate broker in the country.

The sources confirmed PEOPLE magazine that this newly wedded couple exchanged vows in an elegant, but very romantic private ceremony attended by very close friends and some family members only. A guest, who attended the ceremony confirmed magazine that Jesse was very happy throughout the ceremony on Saturday. He made it a perfect night for him with lots of emotions, laughing and smiling.

They were very romantic and even you could feel the love Jesse and Aryn have for each other. In short, both were madly in love throughout the ceremony, PEOPLE magazine wrote. Jesse Williams is an outstanding 31-year-old television actor. He was in dating relationship with 32-year-old Aryn Drake-Lee for more than five years. The love started actually when Williams was working in New York as a schoolteacher.

But later on, Williams started his acting career in 2008 when he was given Alexis Bledel’s character in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2”. I had full support from her throughout the facets of my career, Williams said in his last statement issued to USA Today in 2010.

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