Katy Perry and John Mayer – Are They Dating?

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Katy Perry and John MayerJohn Mayer is the person who has been the boyfriend (love partner) of different notable female celebrities in the recent past, including Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston. But now, the rumors have been circling around that probably this handsome young man has searched his new love / dating partner in shape of Katy Perry, sources said. This could be his fourth celebrity girlfriend if the rumor is true.
Well, I personally believe this is the most stunning girlfriend of this lucky man who has been recently pictured dating with Katy Perry while enjoying a date night with this bombshell in Los Angeles at the Pace restaurant. Later on this rumored love-couple headed towards Chateau Marmont Hotel where they spent the rest of their evening together. Well, the pictures are enough to confirm this rumor to me.
It had been in discussion for a few weeks on different online tabloids that the pair probably has involved in dating relationship but they were unable to find any clue. Now the pictures have spoken themselves and both apparently confirmed their dating relationship publicly in this way. The pair was spotted last month for the first time when they grabbed pizza together. Later on they were seen enjoying a party together the same month on 19th.
US Weekly was the only magazine (authentic source I must say) at that time that claim that this is more than a friendship as the couple was pictured cuddling and holding hands which could be said affectionate.

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