Katy Perry Parts Her Ways with John Mayer – It’s All Over

  1. Katy Perry Parts Her Ways with John Mayer
  2. Katy Perry Parts Her Ways with John Mayer
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Dream Foundation's 11th Annual Celebration Of Dreams GalaThe love story of Katy Perry and John Mayer couldn’t run for very long and the two decided to part their way only after enjoying their love relationship for around two months. Their romance attracted a lot of media attention especially in the first month, but the next month media covered their love relationship as a kind of cold romantic relationship. The latest updates about Perry’s romantic relation with Mayer claim that probably their relation fizzled out.

The relationship of John Mayer and Katy Perry was among short-lived relationships of the entertainment industry as it ended only after 60 days of public dating. Now they’ve decided to live their own ways, sources said. The report was first published in Us Weekly. The magazine reported in reference of an insider source that this stunning, gorgeous beauty of music world was really upset with this break up.

Another source told Us Weekly that it seems like John Mayer was not really serious for his relationship with Katy Perry, but this separation decision really hurt this notable American singer who rules millions of hearts across the globe. The first public appearance of Mayer (34-year-old) and Perry (27-year-old) singer was in West Hollywood at Soho House when media captured them being “affectionate”.

It was June 19, 2012 when both were found flirting with each for the very first time. It means they nearly spent two months in love relationship and parted their ways. It was probably August 4, 2012 when the former love couple apparently made their “all over” appearance in public at a pool party.

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