Kristi Gibson and Bret Michaels Calls off Engagement

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  2. bret-michaels-kristi-gibson-engagement
  3. Kristi Gibson and Bret Michaels Calls off Engagement

Kristi Gibson and Bret Michaels Calls off EngagementBret Michaels finally decided to make his longtime friendship or love life even prettier and calls off his engagement. PEOPLE magazine reported that the couple is pretty happy after committing with each. It would definitely be a new world of love with totally different feelings for this longtime love couple especially in their next public appearances. The bloom is definitely off the rose for this newly engaged couple, PEOPLE magazine said.

Bret Michaels, who earned worldwide fame for “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”, finally called off his engagement with his longtime ladylove who is none other than Kristi Gibson, confirmed by a rep of Michaels to PEOPLE magazine. Although the couple spent separated life in their recent past but they didn’t quit as best friend ever in this time period, rep confirmed.

Now this love couple has decided once again to jointly raise their two daughters and have called off their engagement for this purpose, said by the rep. Gibson is 41 at the moment while Michaels is 49 and both are the parents of Jorja Bleu (7-year-old daughter) and 12-year-old Raine Elizabeth.

The couple has spent a long considerable time together (which is around 16 years minimum) and enjoyed good and bad phases of their love relationship, but finally Bret Michaels proposed his longtime dream girl on December 2, 2010. Though the news is two-year-old but it was hidden and the rep made it public recently to PEOPLE magazine.

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