Love? Does it exist?

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love_hd-normal‘Does love exist?’ is an undying question that echoes in the mind of those who have already lost hopes in finding or acquiring the kind of love they want in life. They are the people to whom life seemed meaningless. They do not want to see the sparks life has to offer – they are the ones who have gotten their lives dry. Love, romance and the pleasures are out of their thoughts. Getting romance out of life is never their cup of tea.

In reality, the answer to the question is, ‘yes love exists’. And not only in humans but also in every creature around us including lifeless thing which we at some points find to like and treasure so much. This is a feeling that develops inside us and eventually allowing us to start loving someone or something.

Existence of love does not mean at all that a human loves only human. Although the common notion prevails that love happens between the humans i.e. between opposite sexes but the reality is love’s happening is natural, it can lead you to love your girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, sister, brother, relatives and even your pets, books, nature and anything. It’s an emotional feeling, which you satisfy by giving affection.

Often the mind starts knitting the thoughts as to what is love? Love is an emotional feeling of strong affection and personal association or attachment to someone or something. Romance on the other hand, is sometimes coined into it however, it is more of pleasurable feeling one develops to pave way to the emotional excitement associated with love.

To find love is not as hard as pushing a giant cliff coz love is just a tick of the fingers to someone in-love.  Who knows, you might find the love of your life right in just the corner!

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