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    Jennifer Lopez Ring Sparks Wedding Rumors

    A recently captured picture of gorgeous American singer Jennifer Lopez sparks her wedding rumors. One can see a ring on Lopez’s ring finger. This is a diamond ring that sparks a new debate in the entertainment industry’s tabloids that probably this gorgeous beauty has got married. Well, it is an open secret that this three-time […]

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    Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are Now Married

    Though the news is yet to confirm from official sources but in fact the most recent picture of this hot couple surfaced online clearly proved that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are now married couple. There is no doubt about their wedding ceremony. Recently, the net was full of rumors that Lively has got married […]

  • Eva Longoria

    Eva Longoria is Dating New York Jets Star Mark Sanchez

    Eva Longoria feels no shy or hesitation to confirm the answer of a question asked recently that she is involved in a dating (love I must say) relationship with Mark Sanchez, a 25-year-old super star of the New York Jet. Though Longoria is 37 at the moment and Sanchez is only 25 but you know […]

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    Jesse Williams Marries Aryn Drake-Lee on Saturday

    Jesse Williams, who earned nationwide fame, for performing Jackson Avery character (a very famous brash surgeon character) he played in a super hit drama series of ABC, is currently making headlines for marrying on Saturday. His life partner is none other than his long-time girlfriend. Both tied the knot in Los Angeles on Saturday, reported […]

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    Women Are Most Prolific Daters in UK

    Women-Are-Most-Prolific-Daters-in-UK1It has become the matter of past when boys were keen to find a suitable girl to become their date or a true love partner, because women are going to cross men in this field as well. Love finding is not limited to boys as a recent research proved in England. The research result proved that women are most prolific daters in United Kingdom. They are the keenest then men in their quest for love today.

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    Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

    The long distance love relationship may be best described using the words “challenging and difficult”, though many of you won’t like hearing or reading this definition but it is the fact. However, you must understand one thing that the words difficult and challenging are not impossible. There are many who want to have at least […]

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    Top 5 Ways for People to Break Up

    Well, it could be very easy for many to break up with their partners as there are many ways to tell your partner that you don’t need him / her any more to continue existing relationship. But it is very tricky to use all such ways in practical life because you will not be able […]

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    Dealing with a Flirtatious Flirting Partner

    Flirting has become very common at the moment being a healthy, social and fun human behavior. Actually people tend to introduce their existence to people around them using this behavior. They want to express their self-confidence in this way and want other people to know that they are attractive to others. Flirting is generally described […]

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    The Reality Star Jennie Garth Finds New Man Noah Abrams

    Jennie Garth, the notable reality television star, has been making headlines at the moment, not for her superb on-screen performance but for finding a new man to live her love life. The most recent picture of this 40-year-old Beverly Hills star depicted her strolling in the streets of Los Angles with a pretty handsome, tall […]

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    Katy Perry Parts Her Ways with John Mayer – It’s All Over

    The love story of Katy Perry and John Mayer couldn’t run for very long and the two decided to part their way only after enjoying their love relationship for around two months. Their romance attracted a lot of media attention especially in the first month, but the next month media covered their love relationship as […]