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  • Is Bernard Arnault Involved in an Affair with Virginie Mouzat

    Is Bernard Arnault Involved in an Affair with Virginie Mouzat?

    Is Bernard Arnault Involved in an Affair with Virginie MouzatThere are several reports on different tabloids online that are involved in discussing a rumor (I say it rumor because it’s yet to confirm officially). This rumor is about Bernard Arnault and Virginie Mouzat. It’s being said that this 63-year-old (fourth-richest man on Earth) LVMH boss is probably having an affair with Virginie Mouzat. This name wouldn’t be new to many as people know Mouzat as a very popular fashion editor.

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    Ladies: Are Your Friends Keeping You Single?

    You are enjoying sometime with your gal pals at a local bar or restaurant, then you see a man standing in front of you and suddenly you make a perception that probably the man is not half-bad – then you hear some statements from your best gal pals that describe how older men dating is an attitude of the birds only. This thing or attitude of your loyal girl friends could be resisting you finding the most suitable life partner even after wishing so, though there is no any malice or ill will at the part of your gal pals.

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    Katie Holmes Seeks Divorce from Tom Cruise

    katie-holmes-tom-cruiseKatie Holmes is the third wife of Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise. Though the first two divorce cases were filed by this very famous acting talent of the industry, but this time it is his wife who leads in filing the divorce case. You may say that the shoe is on the other foot this time. The first divorce case of Cruise was handled by the notable powerhouse divorce attorney in the Los Angeles area, Dennis Wasser who successfully handled his divorce with Nicole Kidman.

    Now this third divorce case is also being handled by Wasser against Katie Holmes who filed the same case on Friday.
    This divorce case is being described as the bombshell of the year in entertainment industry by many tabloids.

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    Amber Heard Splits from Tasya van Ree for Johnny Depp

    johnny-deppWhile the tabloids started a new discussion about the love story of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and claimed that it has reached to the middle probably, a new discussed started in the papers that claimed that Amber Heard splits from Tasya van Ree (her girlfriend). It was widely believed about Heard that she is probably lesbian. But the recent statement of Heard told media that she has spent time both with girls and boys and therefore shouldn’t be thought as a lesbian.

    Recent update about the friendship of Tasya van Ree with notable Hollywood actress Amber Heard claims that both have split

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    Zach Galifianakis and Quinn Lundberg Getting Married

    reg_600.zach.ls.81012The longtime friendship eventually has turned into a much better and stronger relationship recently as the notable “The Hangover” star is not a single man anymore. Yes, Galifianakis has got engaged to his longtime girlfriend and reports are claiming that they probably can get marriage very soon. Quinn Lundberg is the name of his longtime girlfriend who is a 29-year-old blonde beauty.

    So this love affair finally reaches to its most beautiful destination as the lovebirds are now engaged. It’s said that probably the wedding invitations have already been sent by this recently engaged couple and the wedding date is August 11, 2012. Celebuzz claimed in their recent in reference to an insider’s statement that the wedding invite is very Zach.

  • Katy Perry

    Katy Perry to Feature Her Breakup in “Part of Me 3D” Concert Movie

    Katy PerryThe most recent breakup news of Katy Perry, who is ranked high among top 10 female singers with Russell Brand really not only hurt the fans of gorgeous American singer but also her as well. Though initially she tried her best not to uncover her divorce from Russell Brand with her fans, but now she has decided to make it the part of an upcoming movie. She held this news until an offer to promote a movie was made to Katy Perry, sources said.

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    First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

    First Wedding Anniversary Gift IdeasVery first and most special event in the lives of any couple after getting married could be the first wedding anniversary and every one would definitely want to celebrate in a very special style. You may exchange several specifically designed gifts to mark this special occasion as the most memorable day of your life. Just go through the article below to find first wedding anniversary gift ideas and select a meaningful gift to present it to your life partner (spouse).

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    47 Romantic Ways to Propose – Getting Engaged

    Girls are normally conscious about telling the story, that how they were purposed by their men, to their friends and even strangers. They don’t forget such moments and discuss with others the rest of their lives. This article will give you around 50 unique ideas or 50 romantic ways to propose – getting engaged.

    Best Public Marriage Proposal Ideas:

    1: You may go for a full-paged ad particularly in the newspaper which you know is read by your girlfriend on daily basis.

    2: An appropriate theme production can be arranged with the help of stageBest Public Marriage Proposal Ideas manager. It can give you an option of proposing after the curtain call of the cast. Somewhat

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    How a Girl Can Make Him Feel Special

    How-a-Girl-Can-MakeThough most of the needs related to men and women are common but the requirements of the needs are different. That is a fact that every one of us wants to feel respected and loved in relationships. However the accomplishment specifically varies between genders. Whenever a respect is given to mate by a man, it is actually because he wants himself to display as a better person.
    But when we talk about relationships, feeling special becomes a true issue for most of the men. Most of the men are seen easily encouraged in relationships. Below is a list of how a girl can make him feel special and most of the list items will give

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    How to Motivate a Man?

    motivate a manGiving trust and respect to any man can make him more motivated than anything else. You can energize your man only by trusting him, because he will always look for his best performance in this situation.

    What do Men Really Want?

    There are two common needs of most of the men in a relationship i.e. companionship and obviously sex. Attitude, in terms of sex, is the only thing that can make man wild. Men always love those women that captivate the imaginations of the men. Man need a girl who can want him as much as he desires about his girl.

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    Love Advice for Girls


    The greatest for every girl in outside salvation could be to have a man in her life as a husband that cares as well as respects for her. It could be more interesting for you while staying in-connection with a man that how receiving is less fulfilling that giving. You will feel more comfort while staying with him especially when you are not feeling best and even you will be more radiant through strengths.

    Because the qualities you require in a man, belongs to him. You should trust your man and give him respect just to make him feel like a valuable person in your life.
    You can find your man more hard working, strong and outshine in every expectations especially if you give him a feeling that you trust him. He could convert himself in a blessing to you with this feeling. Continue reading and you will note some valuable points

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    Is Kate Upton Dating Mark Sanchez?

    Mark Sanchez, a well-popular sports star, probably wants to try his luck in the love ground as well. This outstanding player in the Super Bowl recently managed to get his name listed on Page Six, a page specific to the news related to gossip section. Page Six is managed by New York Post. It recently linked Sanchez to beautiful 19-year-old swimsuit model in its Wednesday post.

    Reports about Sanchez and Sports Illustrated model are claiming that the magic of 19-year-old Kate Upton’s beauty has probably made this Super Bowl star beyond her fan. The gossip section further said about this quarterback of New York Jets that frequent late-night visits have been noted by Sanchez to the apartment belongs to swimsuit young model. The Page Six also reported that Sanchez was also seen carrying bags in her lobby shortly after Kate arrives there.