The Relationship of Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart is on the Edge?

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Jennifer Lopez and Casper SmarIt looks like the couple is going through the toughest phase of their married relationship so far and probably they are about to spread. This is the hottest topic for different online tabloids at the moment and some even claim that there is absolutely no doubt that Lopez has decided to live no more with Casper Smart. Well, it is yet a rumor as not confirmed by any authentic source, but showbiz journalists have good eyes on their favorite characters and give accurate reports in majority.
Therefore, we can say that it is going to happen in the recent days that we will have another showbiz breakup when this married relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart will reach to its conclusion. This relationship has been in rumors for the past several weeks and several online sources claimed that there relationship has reached on the edge of sacrifices.
Jennifer Lopez, worldwide famous 43-year-old actress and singer, has been in dating relationship with Smart since last year shortly after she ended her married life with Marc Anthony. It was recently said by a close friend of Lopez that she is losing her patience with her back-up dancer lover Casper Smart. The People Magazine reported that Lopez has been increasingly impatient with Smart in the recent weeks.
The People magazine reported in reference to the insider that this 43-year-old actress and singer is getting frustrated by living and spending more time with Smart, which has been making her short-tempered whenever both spend more time together. It seems Lopez has decided to breakup with her toyboy.

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