Robert Pattinson Finally Steps Out of Kristen Stewart Life

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  3. Robert Pattinson Finally Steps Out of Kristen Stewart Life

Robert Pattinson Finally Steps Out of Kristen Stewart LifeRobert Pattinson, a young, beautiful and emerging Hollywood star who earned fame for playing an important role in twilight, is currently making headlines for her girlfriend (ex-girlfriend rather) Kristen Stewart. Our previous report on this issue updated our reader about the recently surfaced affair of Stewart that brought cruelty in the lives of this love couple.

Previously it was being rumored that Pattinson will probably soon leave her love only because of this affair of Stewart with English film director. The worst part of this affair was the director was already married. The latest updates about Pattinson, Stewart affair claim that it probably has reached to an end and some famous tabloid (most notably The Telegraph, UK) reported today morning that Pattinson finally steps out of the house which was being shared by this love couple.

It means Robert Pattinson has decided to part his ways after learning about this affair. This love couple of real life was also the famous love couple in vampire films “Twilight”. This affair grabbed media attention after a few intimated pictures of this 22-year-old actress surfaces online in the start of this week. These pictures showed her with Rupert Sanders, 41-year-old father of two who is English film director.

Though Kristen Stewart raised public apology and tried her best to save this relationship with Robert Pattinson, but it apparently reaches its end on Thursday. This is only because probably Pattinson is not ready yet to forgive his beautiful, young girlfriend for cheating him, The Telegraph said.

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