Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are Now Married

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1356025023_blake-lively-ryan-reynolds-467Though the news is yet to confirm from official sources but in fact the most recent picture of this hot couple surfaced online clearly proved that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are now married couple. There is no doubt about their wedding ceremony. Recently, the net was full of rumors that Lively has got married to Reynolds on September 9 but the lack of official confirmation put a question mark on this rumor.
Now the latest picture of Lively and Reynolds (kissing each other) clearly shows a ring on the ring finger of Blake Lively. The picture in this article confirms the rumor that 25-year-old Blake Lively has found her husband in shape of 35-year-old Ryan Reynolds. You can also see her giving him a big kiss on his lips. The picture is being reported captured on the next day the couple got married in Charleston, South Carolina.
Blake Lively, the notable actress of the “Gossip Girl” drama series, even didn’t shy of showing her beautiful wedding band as well as the huge engagement ring to photographers. It was probably to officially confirm that the two are now married couple. The picture also confirms the love between this newly wedded couple. The two tied the knot in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina at the Boone Hall Plantation.
The couple participated in this top secret wedding ceremony in casual dresses but it was truly a romantic wedding ceremony, US Magazine reported. Well, it is still to confirm if the newly wedded couple enjoyed a honeymoon or not?

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