Stevie Wonder Quitting with Kai Millard

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Stevie Wonder Quitting with Kai MillardThe 11-year marriage relationship of Stevie Wonder is now going to end. The reports about this 62-year-old Hollywood start claim that his wife Kai Millard Morris, a notable fashion designer of the nation, will not be his wife anymore from near future. TMZ reported this headline in a recent update. The tabloid reported that a divorce case has been filed from this Saginaw-born star in Los Angele Superior Court on Friday.
Stevie Wonder used Stevland Morris, his legal name, in this divorce case, sources said. The court document claimed that the couple has not been living happy married life since October 2009 and has been separated since then. Some irreconcilable differences (as we see in most cases) have been cited as the main reason in this divorce case. Both have two kids, Mandla (7-year-old daughter) and Kailand 10.
Stevie Wonder also admitted or agreed in his divorce papers that the child support and spousal amount will be happily paid by this 62-year-old character which would be determined by the court. Wonder has selected Laura Wasser to be his representative in this divorce case who was also seen in court in divorce cases of Britney Spears, Mel Gibson and Robyn Gibson.
The case would be settled soon (as it is being expected) and the near future will decide what is going to happen in the end. But the fact is we would have another celebrity breakup in the coming weeks in shape of this divorce case.

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