Strengthen your sexual life with partner using absurd places

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  2. HoneyMoon-Couple-In-Bed-Photos5
  3. Strengthen your sexual life with partner using absurd places

Strengthen your sexual life with partner using absurd placesIt’s obvious that one gets bored after repeating one thing umpteen times and the same happens with the sexual intercourse when you use the same place over and over again. This lets you think over other options to slip into sexual business. Well, if you have tried the bedroom, bathroom, bathtub and even the couch space – then go for the extra mile to enjoy the sexual ride.

Below are some of the absurd places to enjoy sex at – but it’s certain they will add soothing pleasures to make your sexual encounters lip-smacking and enjoyable.

Sex in the Balcony: If you are lucky enough to have a private balcony then that’s great. And if you are unlucky in this manner, then do the arrangements to cover the place so that no one can see you doing the dirty games. Get utterly dirty with your partner and enjoy the extreme in balcony.

Sex in the Car: You might have enjoyed it prior to marriage with your girlfriends or beaus but post marriage why not to have a care-free sex? But be cautious that the place where you car is parked is safe enough from the cops and the masses.

Sex in the Kitchen: Why not to surprise your lady in the kitchen when she is busy doing the cooking? Interesting idea, isn’t it? It will surely give pleasures to both of you.

Sex in the Pool: If you have a private pool where no other can hit or peek the space, then this one is fabulous to get dirty being drenched beneath the water.

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