Taylor Lautner and Ashley Benson are Just Good Friend?

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560.ashley.taylor.dinner.la.jcThe answer to this question is truly very difficult as both are beautiful, attractive, young and best of all available to date or love. Well the recent updates about this young pair claim that both were sighted in Los Angeles at a night spot together. This meeting doesn’t look just a friends’ night out together to many as it naturally raised a few curious eyebrows.

Another interesting fact of this night out of the Taylor Lautner and Ashley Benson together in Los Angeles was that both were in casual attire. Well, it was probably to hide their identity in the public or to detract attention of the media personnel. But it was the fact that the Pretty Little Liars actress was out their in the night with Taylor Lautner. It was her first night out in the town with any “good friend”.

The join appearance of this young pair in the public at a night spot have sparked a few whispers but some insider sources claimed that the pair is just involved in good friendship. Well, who knows it continues to become a best friendship and later on a love relationship. But remember this is just expectation so far and they are just good friends.

The sources also reported that probably both were the part of a big party of friends in which a larger group of friends was involved who got together in Los Angeles at the Red O Mexican Restaurant. Both were dressed up in caps, t-shirts and jeans in this night out date.

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