Top 10 Reasons Why Couples Breakup?

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109720687_1333352406_1336886823_1336887363_1336887366_460x460Everyone on this Earth would agree that that the marriage institution actually started in our world at the time our world created itself. Both men and women have different mental and biological makeup. However, we can’t keep continue our creation unless both women and men do not try to stay together. The emotional as well as physical needs of men and women unite together perfectly only both ties the knot. Divorces were very few till the twentieth century, mainly because of the lack of single marriages and joint family systems. However, the intention of women of achieving professional careers eventually declined their dependence on men and gave them financial independence. It eventually resulted in more divorces even for small disagreements. Below are top 10 very common reasons we have noted so far that why couple breakup?


1 – It has become the common desire of women to be independent.

2 – The second important thing for both men and women is to be attractive for someone else then their partner.

3 – Infidelity is another common factor that results in breakup in many countries.

4 – Some people also breakup with their partners for physical incompatibility.

5 – Some people find their partners less attractive in a sexual intercourse and finally break up.

6 – Body maintenance is literally very important. We have noted many cases where lack of proper body maintenance became the reason of breakup. So avoid being fat after marriage.

7 – Sometimes people quarrel for conflicts in desires and tastes. It eventually results in breakup.

8 – Avoid habit of continuous nagging because is sometimes very dangerous for marriage relationship.

9 – Sometimes, men or women starts comparing their partners with other people repeatedly, it also irritates other partner and eventually they breakup.

10 – Unnecessary advices also become hectic and sometimes such imparting unsolicited advices may result in breakup because it is not good all the time.


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