Women Are Most Prolific Daters in UK

  1. Women-Are-Most-Prolific-Daters-in-UK
  2. Women-Are-Most-Prolific-Daters-in-UK
  3. Women-Are-Most-Prolific-Daters-in-UK1

Women-Are-Most-Prolific-Daters-in-UK1It has become the matter of past when boys were keen to find a suitable girl to become their date or a true love partner, because women are going to cross men in this field as well. Love finding is not limited to boys as a recent research proved in England. The research result proved that women are most prolific daters in United Kingdom. They are the keenest then men in their quest for love today.

The stats of recently held survey in England showed that men send around 45 percent less flirty text messages to women. It means women have become more flirty then men in UK. The survey report also concluded that the laziest daters of England are the residents of Salisbury and Harrow, while the most prolific daters live in Derby and Gloucester areas.

This trend is definitely the result of a rise in Internet technology as well as in social media across the nation in the past decade. Now the quest of love has entered into a totally different level and women are now well on dating driving seat, leaving men behind. Well, this won’t be the story of UK only but it would be a fact in almost every developed country where women have access to Internet and social media websites.

Total around 85 flirty messages are sent by every woman in living in Gloucester area to find her Mr. Right on the social media websites in a month. It proves their interest to get involved in any love relationship.

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